The Force Behind Juliet + Echo

Juliet + Echo is proudly owned by Jessica Shultz + Elaine Hingle, business partners, long-time / long-distance friends, and proud military spouses. The Navy seems to think that putting them together just creates too much awesome for the same time zone, however, a little thing like opposite coasts hasn’t gotten in the way of their friendship.

The company was founded in 2017 when new mom Jessica realized how many moves her daughter would complete before she could even remember all the wonderful friends she had made in each place.  Jessica wanted a convenient, yet simple and straightforward, place to jot the memories down but she couldn’t find anything that was as elegant as it was simple and an idea was born.  Knowing her artistic skills did not reach much beyond fill-in-the-blank and business operations there was only one way to make this dream a reality.  She teamed up with the most artistic and talented designer she knew, Elaine, to bring the idea to life and a perfect partnership was born. Elaine’s talents extend far beyond designing journals but she is definitely the creative mastermind behind Juliet + Echo!

A true labor of love, Jessica + Elaine present Juliet + Echo and hope you journal life’s adventures along with them!